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Oil Recycled Tops 1/3 Billion Pounds

Filta franchisees and their techs hit a landmark during February 2011… the total oil they filtered to date rose to over one third of a billion pounds.

To put this into perspective, it takes a million acres to produce that amount of soybean oil. With the continued deforestation of the world’s rainforests to support the rising demand for food and fuel, this is quite an impact.

Jason Sayers, Filta’s President, says “when you see the impact we’re having on the environment, we feel like we’re really making a difference.  To continue making this difference, it is our view that you have to create a model that economically works for customers… and we have.  In this way the growth is sustainable whilst continuing to be green”.

With over 50 vans added to the Filta’s network during 2010 alone, the future looks green.

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